The proper way to treat scars

Scarred skin needs attention and must not be neglected. It is particularly important to protect it from external irritation and drying out.

  • Recent scars should not be exposed to extreme temperatures for around six months to a year. Exposure to intense sunlight and UV rays, sun beds, saunas and the cold can have a negative effect on scar development – especially in the case of sensitive and newly formed tissue. It can also affect tissue regeneration. Adverse changes in the color and appearance of the skin may also occur. When outdoors protect your scar by using a high-factor sunscreen product
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes or garments which can rub over scarred skin. Scar tissue is more sensitive than healthy skin. It may react to irritation of this kind with redness and hardening.
  • Particularly protect scars located near bones (e.g. on the elbow, shin or ankle). Be careful not to injure the scar tissue again (e.g. with hard edges on your shoes). Fresh scars can easily open when playing sports (e.g. if hit by a ball). This makes the chances of healing less favorable. Skin which is already damaged cannot regenerate as well as healthy skin.
  • Relatively smooth scars on the face, neck or neckline area can be covered temporarily using special make-up techniques (camouflage). Ask your doctor about this. Or get professional advice from a good beauty parlor.
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